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Information Friday

Have you ever wondered where a local government gets their laws from? Local governments are established and regulated by the State laws and Local laws passed by their locally elected representatives. The locally passed laws known as Ordinances are compiled into a document called a Code. The Code of Ordinances of Nenana contains 10 chapters.

These chapters are.

1. General Provisions

Chapter 2. Administrative

Chapter 3. Elections

Chapter 4. Public Health

Chapter 5. Public Lands

Chapter 6. Taxation

Chapter 7. Land Use

Chapter 8. Water and Watse Water

Chapter 9. Solid Waste

Chapter 10. Public Works

You can find the Code here on the website under City Docs. The Code is in the process of being updated so be sure to check it periodically.

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The Regular City Council Meeting for the month of January will be: Thursday January 19, 2023 6:30 pm Community Civic Center


The City Office will be closed on the following days: Thursday, November 24th Friday, November 25th Have a Blessed Thanksgiving.


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