Josh verhagen

Joshua Verhagen was born and raised in Nenana, where he has spent most of his life working in the construction industry. He attended UAF, and graduated with a Bachelors degree in East Asian Languages and Politics and an Associates degree in Drafting Technology. Prior to being elected as Nenana City Mayor, he served on the City Council for just over a year. 

City Clerk

Darlene Olin-Martin.JPG

Darlene Olin-Martin 

Nenana City Council

723 A Street


Click Bishop (R)

Nenana City Council Members


Sheryl Turner

Seat A


Cory Dugan

Seat B


Kat McElroy

Seat C


Jerilyn Knabe

Seat D


Rob Bennett

Seat E


Karen Harvey

Seat F


The City Council meets at 6:30pm at the Community Civic Center on the second Tuesday of each month. Please look at our calendar for any updates or changes.


Mike Cronk (R)